QuickStart Coaches – Jay Berger

Jay Berger, longtime professional tennis coach, sits down for a few minutes to talk about the merits of QuickStart Tennis and the new methods he plans to use in teaching kids the game of tennis. QuickStart Tennis the new play format designed for kids ages 5-10, making the courts and equipment smaller to enhance learning and love of tennis. For more information, go to http:quickstarttennis.com For more videos, go to www.usta.com … USTA Tennis QuickStart Coaching Endorsement Parent …



Adaptive Tennis Video

The brain injury support group Heads Up No Boundaries is proud to help support an Adaptive Tennis Program. The group has secured equipment with financial help and guidance of the Northeast Ohio Tennis Association. This Adaptive Program will use court sizes and equipment from the USTAs Get Started Program. The objectives of the program are: 1.To improve eye-hand coordination 2.Increase the self-confidence of the participants 3.Improve the fitness level and mental alertness of the participants …

Prince of Tennis OVA Another Story 4 (1/3) RAW

Chibi Rikkai is so cute. I love Marui Bunta and Jackal! ^^ Disclaimer Not mine.

Prince of Tennis Episode 87 Part 3 A

Prince of Tennis Part 3 A

Prince of Tennis Ep. 124 (2/3)

Title: ?????? (Kirihara’s Red Trap) Hey, peoples!!! This is the last video of the year!!! XD (But there’ll be more coming!! ^_^) **Disclaimer: I do not own this video.**

Nani & Miguel Veloso playing with a tennis ball (EXCLUSIVE)

Nani & Miguel Veloso showing their abilities with a tennis ball. EXCLUIVE VIDEO – Euro 2008 – Portugal Team.

US OPEN 2009 TENNIS. 3rd Round. Tiebreak Set. Isner Vs Roddick

US OPEN 2009 TENNIS. 3rd Round. Tiebreak Set. Isner Vs Roddick Sorry about that sound was recorded too noisy middle of part….

Prince of Tennis OVA Another Story 3 (1/3) RAW

I’m too lazy to look up info like the official title and whatnot, but I feel like I should just get this out there because people have been waiting for it. Volume 2 of Prince of Tennis OVA Another Story. Don’t worry. Chibi Rikkai will come shortly. They’re so cute! ^_^ Disclaimer: The content of this video is not mine at all.

Prince of Tennis OVA Another Story 3 (3/3) RAW

Disclaimer This video does not belong to me….blah blah blah….

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