Tennis Weihnachts Challenge in Ebreichsdorf – Video Report – Part 1

Footage of the very first Tennis Christmas Challenge in Ebreichsdorf, Lower Austria featuring several members of


These are the top ten most popular YouTube videos from 2009… on tristopiaTV. Leave me a comment with your favourite moment, either from me or another YouTuber! Spoiler alert: results are below. 10 – What the Tris?! – Episode 1 9 – T-Time – Episode 6 8 – The Mighty Tennis Battle – Episode 2 7 – T-Time – Episode 9 6 – Freak Show – Episode 4 5 – T-Time on Tour! 4 – The ICT Crowd – Series 2 …

Training Session – Wheelchair Tennis

This video clip gives an impression of a training session lead by Joe Kubizniak that took place Sunday 20 December 2009.

Laver vs. Roche

Rod Laver vs. Tony Roche 1969 Australian Open SF. Laver (in white hat) begins his journey to the Grand Slam.

Houston Tennis Video Trailer

Music: “Superstar” by Chronique

College Tennis Video 1 Youtube

College Tennis Video

This is my college tennis video, I am a junior tennis player from Northern California looking to play collegiate tennis. I am strong academically and currently have a 3.7 cumulative grade point average. I am a dedicated and passionate tennis player. I hope you enjoy my video and sorry for the low quality. I will put a new version up soon, but this is all I have for now. Thanks for watching.

Funny Tennis Video

Watch it ull die laughing.

Washington Kastles 2009

Washington Kastles, World Team Tennis Champions 2

Cedric Vds champion de tennis

Finale tournoi de butgenbach 2OO9

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