Tennis Tips: The Crossover Step

Visit playsportstv to view more great tennis instruction videos and tennis drills. In this video, Gilad Bloom demonstrates how to use a crossover step to get back to the ready position from either the forehand or backhand.

Tennis de table : Bande annonce DVD Pro A 06/07 phase 1

Voici la bande annonce du DVD de la Pro A saison 2006/2007 pour la phase 1.

Tennis School – Smash Technique

If you have a chance to smash then you’ve got a great opportunity to win the point. But smashing under pressure isn’t easy. Find out how to hit powerful, accurate and reliable smashes with our technique guide….Want to be as good as Federer, Nadal, Murray and Blake?! Get access to this video and many more, ALL FOR FREE, at REGISTER NOW at, the home of world class coaching online, and FREE! Dont forget to subscribe to the youtube channel to receive updates when we upload new videos.

Tennis Lessons For Juniors – Yanni’s Backhand 021710

Junior Tennis Instruction – Video Tennis Instruction – Tennis Tips Yanni’s footwork is improving, so his contact point on his backhand is improving. I’ve gotten input from coaches saying that a kids moving around like this will form bad habits… I think it keeps a kid’s head in the game… no time to rest the mind or let the mind wander. Comments welcome!

*[OFFICIAL] Canada Olympic Games 2010 – Vancouver an Inspirational Video

Canada Olympic Games 2010- Vancouver Its a Imaginary Video to create A great vision of 2010 Vancover Olympic The Video, and Photos re-created by the The HRH-freakout Custom crew, Video Created By HRH Crew ‘Rock Shot’ Photo Created By HRH Crew ‘Try Shot’ Join US for more at www.HRH-freakout.myimag…

Mindset in Tennis Free Lesson 2 of 12! Visit my website to subscribe to the 12-free part course! Hello! In today’s lesson I will be talking about the differences between club and pro tennis. I will explain you why club tennis is different from pro tennis and I will give you some examples. I will also tell you why different game strategies may have different successes in club tennis and pro tennis.

Vampire Weekend – “Giving Up The Gun” (Official Music Video)

The second video from Vampire Weekend’s new album “Contra”, out now and available at itunes: Directed by The Malloys, the video features cameos from Joe Jonas of the Jonas Brothers, Jake Gyllenhaal, Lil’ Jon and RZA of the Wu-Tang Clan Buy “Contra” at Amazon MP3: Buy “Contra” at Beggars Group USA:

Mindset in Tennis Free Lesson 7 of 12! Visit my website to subscribe to the 12-free part course! Hello! In today’s lesson I will be talking about the passing shot. Passing shots can be one of the most spectacular shots in the game. I will teach how to improve your passing shots by teaching you how this shot works and what tactics and strategies you should use in order to easily pass your opponent.

Maria Sharapova vs Anastasia Myskina 2004 YEC Highlights

Maria Sharapova vs Anastasia Myskina 2004 YEC Semi-finals Highlights

How to give an Injection for Tennis Elbow

Texas Tech Sports Medicine videos from the Texas Tech medcast: Lateral Epicondylitis (Tennis Elbow) Injections. Correct procedures for giving injections for lateral epicondylitis to treat pain for tennis elbow. For more information, see

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