Rollerblader Tennis Net Grind Fail

Here’s an idea – let’s grind a flexible object. Let’s film it too, because what could go wrong? Check out more fails in the Break Fails playlist –

Daniela Hantuchova hitting in slow motion HD — Indian Wells Pt. 01 Daniela Hantuchova hitting in slow motion HD at the BNP Paribas Open in Indian Wells, CA. Hantuchova reached the second round of the tournament, losing to Roberta Vinci. Click the link about to learn how to hit a textbook forehand like Roger Federer (and Daniela Hantuchova). For more slow motion HD hitting clips of Hantuchova and other tops pros on tour visit !

Mansour Bahrami – Tennis Masters December 2009 – Royal Albert Hall

Mansour Bahrami

Tom Avery’s FREE Tennis Lessons – Grooving a Consistent Backhand

See more FREE video clips at and http and Sign Up for Tom’s FREE Newsletter, that sends out a New Tip every week. When you’re trying to develop consistency with a stroke concentrate on two key points as you’re practicing the stroke. This takes some effort but, eventually the brain will store the new data and you’ll no longer have to concentrate on the two key points, the signal from the brain will fire automatically. See more and take ongoing lessons with Tom Avery at

Tennis Lessons – Shreya’s Forehand 042710

Tennis Video Instruction – Tennis Videos – Junior Tennis Shreya’s forehand and positioning are coming along well. I give her a hard time, but she gets it. We’re working on hitting a looser, fuller, low-to-high stroke. At the end, we had better follow-throughs – clean, with the elbow up and the butt-cap facing me! Comments welcome

Players pre-match meet and greet with VIP’s in Boston

Mark Philippoussis, Wayne Ferreira and Jim Courier meet tournament VIP’s at the Staples Champions Cup in Boston. Philippoussis would beat Ferreira a few hours later 6-3, 6-2 to advance to the semifinals

Jody Claassen College Tennis Video

Tennis Recruitment video

watch Internazionali BNL d’Italia Tennis champions 2010 live stream watch Internazionali BNL d’Italia Tennis champions 2010 live stream by visiting the above link

Tennis Video 2.0: Interactivity French Open

Tennis Video 2.0 is a new presentation of sport video, and Interactivity is one of properties to let people have favorite ways to enjoy the game video.

Tennis club “Haron”Cacak,Serbia-new wave of Serbian tennis champions

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