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Tennis Karaoke – Roland Garros best of the rest.

Visit for more tennis videos. Best of the Roland Garros tennis karaoke from over the years featuring Nadal , Federer , Ivanovic, Djokovic , Serena and more…..

Henin vs Sharapova, Federer vs Wawrinka — 2010 French Open Webcast Day 8 Justine Henin topped Maria Sharapova in a darkness-delayed three set match while Roger Federer beat friend and countryman Stanislas Wawrinka in straight sets. In this webcast we discuss a concept called “DNO” and how it relates to mental toughness — something both Henin and Sharapova demonstrated in their match today. Next Federer faces Robin Soderling, who he defeated to win the French Open last year.

If Video Games Were Real

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French Open Day 6 Updates & Gossip- Tennis Now News 05/28/2010

Lauren Lynch reports the latest news at the French Open. Roger is defending his Roland Garros title and Rafael Nadal is going for it again. Novak Djokovic and Viktor Troicki make a funny parody of Nadal’s and Shakira’s, “Gypsy.” On July 10th, Tennis is moving to the Cowboy’s Stadium to featuring top players like Maria Sharapova, Serena Williams, Andy Roddick, and John Isner. Tension is high between French WTA players, Marion Bartoli and Aravane Rezai. Cat fight!

Henin vs Sharapova, Roddick vs Gabashvili — French Open Justin Henin and Maria Sharapova finish their third round match tomorrow at the French Open. Henin won the first set handily but Sharapova rallied and played some gritty tennis to take the second. Andy Roddick, however, was beaten handily by Teimuraz Gabashvili. The conditions were about as bad as they could be for Roddick — it was cold and damp and the court was especially slow. Other matches tomorrow include Andy Murray vs Tomas Berdych and Marin Cilic vs Robin Soderling!

My Tennis Video

Hey Coach! This is my college video of me playing tennis! Hope to hear from you soon. Thank You for watching! (This is an old phone number so please use my email instead.)

Ashley Riddle Tennis-Medium.m4v

Junior Tennis Champions Center


a tennis player hits and kills a bird It was an AWESOME shot tho lol

Prince of Tennis Another Story 2 Part 2

Prince of Tennis Ova Another Story “Turbulence, The Young Atobe”

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