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If you want to have some fun, go to a practice with some ranked juniors and ask them where they are specifically aiming their shots. Surprisingly, they rarely have a definitive answer. Sure they know theyre hitting crosscourt or down the line as a general direction, but where? As most players advance, they make the mistake of aiming closer and closer to the lines and lower and lower over the net. However, in truth, the target to aim for depends entirely upon court position. The first target to identify is when you are hitting from behind the middle half of the baseline. The primary target should be the deep quadrant crosscourt with the center of that area as the bulls-eye. This large crosscourt quadrant measures 18 by 13½ feet. The middle bulls-eye gives the player a large margin for error of 9 feet from the baseline and nearly 7 feet from the sideline. Although you may miss the bulls-eye most of the time, realize that if you keep the ball around that specific central target, with sufficient pace and spin, your balls will consistently land in the larger target zone and be effective, keeping your opponent behind the baseline. But, as your court position changes relative to the baseline, your targets change as well. First is when you are able to move inside the baseline. From there, the target is more aggressive, especially if you can contact the ball above the height of the net. Now your targets are either down the line or crosscourt, and they are closer to the sidelines

Tennis Tip From Pete and Skip: Great Serving Lesson This week Director Peter Freeman is Skipless so he pulled out a gem from his video series on how to serve. This serving lesson teaches you how to feel the flow of the serve. So if you want a smooth Pete Sampras serve watch this video

Roddick & Djokovic play tennis on the street in Seoul.m4v

Roddick & Djokovic pleasantly surprised the South Korean fans by playing tennis on the street for fun. This event took place in front of Hyundai Card in the business district of Youido, Seoul in South Korea. Hundreds of passerby’s and office workers stopped by to watch a truly rare event of two of the best tennis players in the world.

Group tennis lessons in Toronto, North York, Vaughan, Thornhill, Markham

tennis for adults

Caitlin Bricketto Tennis Strokes

Caitlin Bricketto Tennis Strokes

MTV Game One SPEED BEEF: Virtua Tennis 2009 Teil 2

Tennis Lessons – Rajeev’s Forehand 101910

Video Tennis Instruction – High School Tennis – Loop Forehand Looks like you’re beginning to take the ball out in front more often. You look more comfortable on your unit turn and backswing. You’re getting more hits where you come over the ball (because you’re contacting the ball earlier). We still have the occasional rocket-ball due to a botched contact point. I like the footwork! Comments welcome.

Tennis Lesson Discounts by Mesa Tennis Pros

Mesa Tennis Pros give Tennis Lesson Discounts starting with the first one-half hour free. When beginning or novice tennis players sign up for a block of 5 lessons, Mesa Tennis Pros will also discount the cost and charge for only 4 one-hour tennis lessons. Plus, your satisfaction guaranteed! Reservations for tennis lessons can be made by calling 480-332-1343 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting 480-332-1343 end_of_the_skype_highlighting.

Cancer Treatment Centers of America ® – Phoenix – Wii Tennis Tournament 2010

Cancer Treatment Centers of America ® located near Phoenix, Arizona, hosts an annual Wii Tennis Tournament at the hospital in conjunction with the 2010 Champions Series Tennis Tournament in Surprise, Arizona. The special Wii tournament was held at the CTCA Western Region Medical Center in Goodyear, Arizona and features tennis professionals Anna Kournikova and Ashley Harkleroad.

Sports Champions Tour: Table Tennis

In this video, producer Jeremy Ray demonstrates how the paddle is replicated in 3 dimensions, X, Y, and X-axis tracking, and also shows off multiplayer and how you too can fend off a robot attack with ping pong balls.

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