Shir Aharon tennis recruiting video 2012

Thank you for your interest in my video. If you would like to contact me about joining your college tennis team please email me.

John McEnroe – Champions Series Tennis

John McEnroe executing a perfect serve and volley point. Subscribe to the Champions Series Channel to watch more.

Rafole: The Evolution of a Handshake

From the US Open ’10 to the US Open ’11, we examine the evolution of the handshakes between Rafael Nadal and Novak Djokovic through a series of match point video clips. No offense, of course, to Rafa or Novak, two great champions this year! Just a funny video I made for some lovely Nole fans at MTF. Apologies for the brief skipping moments. Audio and Visuals copyrighted to their respective owners, I own nothing here, just compiled the clips and set them to music. Shout out to Windows Movie Maker for allowing me to create this video! ———- *9/28/11* Wow, 10000 views? I didn’t even expect to get 100, I made this for some friends as a joke, I never thought it would go viral. Thanks for watching though :) — Check out this cool video about the 2011 Wimbledon Final Includes pre-match predictions, montages, the winning moments, the reactions and dynamic highlights of the match itself.

Sumit Nagal Tennis Clips

Sumit Nagal practicing September 29th 2011 in Toronto, Canada


With celebrity linesman, backwards ‘tweeners, and impromptu rules from surprise guest and chair umpire Johnny Mac, mixed doubles at the Clash was arguably some of the funniest exhibition play you will ever see from Roger Federer, Rafael Nadal, Maria Sharapova and Victoria Azarenka. Check out our favorite moments in the highlight reel below, then tell us yours!


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Caroline Konigsfeldt College Tennis Recruiting Video

My name is Caroline Konigsfeldt. I’m an 18-year-old tennis player from Denmark. I’m a senior in high school and hoping to attend an American college from the fall of 2012. I’m an aggressive player with a powerful forehand and serv. I like being the one controlling the points – being inside the court and coming to the net. I’m a strong doubles player and have won the national championships many times as well as I have won lots of international and national tournaments. Enjoy my video. Contact:

Serena Williams brings ghetto to Tennis

Two years ago, in her last appearance at Flushing Meadows, Williams was fined £82500 and handed a suspended ban after threatening to stuff a ball down a lineswoman’s throat. This time she became involved in a furious row with umpire Eva Asderaki after shouting out “Come on” in the middle of the point. Williams refused to shake Asderaki’s hand at the end of the match, which Stosur won 6-2, 6-3. The flashpoint erupted in the second game of the second set, as Williams — facing a break point on her own serve — fired an apparently unreturnable forehand winner into Stosur’s backhand corner. Stosur lunged for the ball and only just got the tip of her frame on to it, deflecting it into the back-boards of the court. But Asderaki called it back because of Williams’s shout, which came before the contact was made. This was a “hindrance call”, meaning that the point went to Stosur and the break was completed. Williams immediately roared up to the umpire, saying: “Aren’t you the one who screwed me over last time? Are you coming after me? That is totally not cool.” Then, at the next change of ends, she went off into a wild rant, saying: “Don’t even look at me, You’re a hater. You’re very unattractive inside. I never complain. Who would do such a thing? You’re punishing me for expressing my emotion.” It was an unedifying incident all round, and the best that can be said is that, by holding her nerve to see out the win, Stosur managed to prevent Williams from turning the women’s final

Jarred Tennis Video

Lauren’s Tennis Video 2011

My name is Lauren Pineda and I am looking to play for a Division I,II,III college. I am from Allen, TX and I play for Allen High School. I am currently a senior, and will be entering college in Fall 2012. My e-mail address:

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