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2012 March | Tennis Champions | TennisChampions.com - Part 2


Hey guys heres part to the rest of the video

Building Champions – Accelerated Player Development

Free training video from TennisOne’s new online course, “Coaching Unlimited.” This new course will teach high school coaches and tennis pros how to create champion players and championship teams. See www.tennisone.com for more details.

RJ Tennis™ Boot Camp Drills & Live Ball™ – Tennis Clinics –

RJ Tennis™ Boot Camp Drills & Live Ball™ – Tennis Clinics — Since tennis has been around for a long time it’s not a wonder that teaching the game has grown stale with the traditional group lessons of 4 students to 1 tennis pro. Inspired by various coaches throughout the county I have worked hard to develop a new and exciting tennis program that brings fresh energy and enthusiasm to everyone who participates in the RJ Tennis™ clinics. There is no doubt in my mind that this program will help to revolutionize the game of tennis in this country. The Boot Camp Drills & Live Ball™ – Tennis Clinics- is the quickest & most fun hour and a half tennis clinic around. Packed full of great energy, non-stop tennis action, exhilarating simulated match like drills & live ball tennis games. After a few classes it will be much easier running down that drop shot, chasing after that lob, keeping up with that long rally, and feeling like you can stay out on the courts for hours. If you want to work on radically changing your tennis game and or if you desire to work on the little nuances of your technique, this program is not for you. Please look into getting private tennis lessons. This program will work with you right where you’re at with your tennis game. The continuous simulated match like drills and the non-stop live ball match play will help you to work through and master your nerves. It’s a great way to energize your tennis game, your fitness routine & your life. This is a great class

The JTCC 2012 An Interview and Training Session with Denis Kudla

Denis Kudla

AEK Beautiful Women’s Volleyball – Champions 2011-12

Rick Santorum Curses Out the New York Times: Will It Help?

Plus, you won’t believe what January Jones is eating, Martina Navratilova gets booted on ‘Dancing with the Stars’, the socialite who put her 7-year-old on a diet and ‘Bully’ opens without a rating. For these stories and more, go to www.ivillage.com SUBSCRIBE TO iVILLAGE! bit.ly *** iVillage: www.ivillage.com iVillage on YouTube www.youtube.com iVillage on Facebook: www.facebook.com iVillage on Twitter: twitter.com *** #1 — Cursing Out the New York Times There’s nothing conservatives love more than a smack down of the nation’s premiere paper, which is why they’re applauding Rick Santorum for tearing into a New York Times reporter, when the reporter suggested the GOP candidate called Mitt Romney the worst Republican. Sarah Palin said Santorum showed strength and character. I know that reporter — maybe Santorum showed something else — poor manners! #2 — Is She Mad? ‘Mad Men”s January Jones eats her own placenta. Really, we’re not making this up. The new mom says she eats it in pill form and claims it’s a wonderful way to boost energy. We’re the only mammals who don’t eat our placentas, she says. January, maybe there’s a reason for that! #3 — No Grand Slam Someone had to be the first — we just hate that it was Martina Navratilova. She’s one of the greatest tennis champions ever but just didn’t measure up with the judges and the fans on ‘Dancing with the Stars’ so she was sent packing. But she and her fellow competitors have something to, shall we say, sing about

Cardio Tennis – Coxy’s Big Break

Coxy heads to Melbourne Park and tries his hand at the tennis workout, Cardio Tennis. Video courtesy of WTFN.


Hey guys this is one of our bests and better videos =)

Virtua Tennis 4 Online: Chris Angel vs Chris Panther

Online play against CBeauty1992, Player 1 on Close cam. *Well played Christin, You are still the BEST!!* (Captured with Fraps on Full-size)

Let´s Play Together Sports Champions (PS3 Move) Teil 1

Der letzte Mathestoff wurde ins Hirn geprisst, nun setzt bzw. stellt man sich vor den HDTV und spielt mit seinem Alten ne Runde Sports Champions für PS3 Move, und lacht sich tot, wie jeder teils failed!

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